Under Desk Drawer - Metal

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Color: White
Material: Metal
    fixed position
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    - Outer dimensions: 12.2″x11.2″x2.83″
    - Inner dimensions: 12″x11″x2.7″
    - Height of the side stand: 5.6″
    - Height from the top of the drawer to the table top: 2.75″
    - Product weight: 9.4 lbs


    - Material: steel
    - Mounting: Screw mounting (prepare an extra screw)
    - Slide rail: Yes
    - Whether with lock: Yes


    - All products you buy on our website, except desks and ergonomic chairs, are guaranteed for 1 year.
    - Testing within 30 days after purchase

    The Perfect Undercounter Drawer

    • Absolute Ruggedness and Stability

      Absolute Ruggedness and Stability

      Vernal always strives to ensure the highest quality in all of its products, and this product is no exception. With a total weight of 9.7 lbs, the drawer is not a few thin pieces of sheet metal, and you will be surprised by the robust quality of the package when you open it.

    • Spacious Storage Space

      Spacious Storage Space

      The drawer not only has room for small items like cell phones, sticky notes, chargers, and headphones, but also for an 11-inch iPad and A5-size paper for easy storage as you go about your daily work.

    • Sophisticated design for safety and protection

      Sophisticated design for safety and protection

      For safety, the drawers are designed to be thin so that they won't easily bump against your knees when sitting in a normal office position. In addition, the iron drawer has a safety lock with two keys to keep your personal items safe.

    • Additional Storage Compartment

      Additional Storage Compartment

      There is also a space between the drawer and the table top that can be used as a storage area. You can place your frequently used items in the storage compartment for easy access. This is the perfect place for a 13" (33cm) laptop with monitor attached.

    • Design for Cable Management

      Design for Cable Management

      The drawers are equipped with special cable holes at the top and end of the drawer. Charging cables, data connection cables and other cables can be pulled from under the desk into the storage compartment to charge laptops, cell phones or other devices that are temporarily stored there.

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