90% of the problems can be solved by initializing the keypad.

Hold the button ∧&∨ together, the legs will begin to return to the lowest position. When the legs return to the lowest position, release the button ∧&∨. Initialization is complete.


a. Before using the desk for the first time, the initialization must be done.

b. Once the desk parts have been replaced, the initialization must be done.

c. When initialization has been interrupted, it must be reinitialized again

Keep the ground level during lifting

If you find the desk uneven, please then tighten or loosen the desk's leveling pads to adjust the height to ensure the desk is levelled.

Commonly errorcodes and corresponding solutions for keypad.

E01: Table leg malfunction. First check the cables between the table legs and the control box. If all cables are connected, contact our customer service.

E02: Frequent operation. Wait 20 minutes for the keypad to return to normal.

E03: Overload. The objects placed on the desk are too heavy.

E04: Control box malfunction. First perform the initialization procedure. If initialization does not solve the problem, contact our customer service.

E06: Communication interruption. The connection between the keyboard and the control box is interrupted. Check the cable between them.

E12: Gyroscope malfunction. The desk is tilted. Place the desk flat or place the control box flat. Then reconnect the power supply.

ES1: The height difference between right leg and left leg exceeds the set value.
Troubleshooting: Reset forcibly to erase the error code.

HOT:Continuous operation for 4min.
Troubleshooting: Take a 20min break.

EE0: Power failure in operation.
Troubleshooting: Power on this product again and conduct the resetting.

ELA:The ports for lifting legs on the control box are disconnected.
Troubleshooting: reconncet the lines of lifting legs and conduct the resetting operation forcily.

Troubleshooting: remove the loading and make the loading evenly distributed. And conduct the resetting
operation forcily.