Vernal Standing Desks

Our height-adjustable standing desks and chairs exceed expectations with high-quality materials and precise manufacturing. They are rugged and durable. We offer a 15-year warranty on the frame and a 5-year warranty on other electrical components. In addition, all products are delivered securely packaged, including a build and usage guide.

Vernal standing desk - A quality that pays off.

Ultra Stable x Ultra Quick Install
With its superior performance, patented design for quick assembly, functional detailing, and sturdy quality for long-term using, vernal meets everyone's need to create a most comfortable and convenient WFH experience.
Wide Height Range
Wide Height Range
Up And Down Smoothly
Up And Down Smoothly
4 Height presets
1.57"/s lifting speed
<50db silent engines
Vernal Two Engines Standing Desk
Vernal Two Engines Standing Desk
Patented Design for Quick Assembly
Patented Design for Quick Assembly
Hold up to 350 lbs
Hold up to 350 lbs

What We Done on Stability

Stay focused and productive on sit-to-stand, eliminating any distractions from wobbling

  • Precise Technology

    Precise Technology

    Precise technology makes the columns slide seamlessly into each other with less than 0.01" gap

  • Larger Connection Area

    Larger Connection Area

    With greater support between the three sections of the column, the whole column can be more stable.

  • Thicker Crossbar And Footings

    Thicker Crossbar And Footings

    The thickened structures allow the standing desk to withstand greater external impact.

Find Your Ergonomic Posture

Stay energetic with Vernal during long working hours.

Typically, the optimal desk height is your height x 0.4 when seated and your height x 0.62 when standing.

Vernal desk fits people 4'9"-6'7" tall. Meeting the needs of people of different heights, everyone can find their ergonomic sit-stand desk heights with Vernal.

Assemble in 6 Minutes, Easy to Do it Alone.
Frame-Desktop Integration : Reduce the steps of assembly Patented Structure Design : Slide to assembly Pre-assembled Nuts for Accessories : No additional tools required

What Makes Us Stand Out

Low-End Products High-End Products VERNAL
Overview Poor quality, only basic function, violent wobbling Rich functions but expensive, slight wobble Outstanding performance, rich features, extreme stability
Height Range 27.5-47.2"
For height 5' 9"-6' 5"
For height 4'9"-6'7"
For height 4'9"-6'7"
Lifting Capacity under 176 lbs 220 lbs-330 lbs 350 lbs
Lifting Speed 0.78"-0.98"/s 1.49"/s 1.57"/s
Handset Function No memory function
No collision protection
With memory function and collision protection
4 Memory positions
Sensitivity-adjustable collision protection
Service Life Less than 3 years 15 years 15 years
Lift Tests 5000 15000-30000 30000+
Price for the Frame
Annual Average Cost $100
$500+ ‎
Annual Average Cost $33
Annual Average Cost$25

Functional Design in Details

  • Two Cable Trays

    Two Cable Trays

    With the wire management tray on the crossbar and an under-desk extra cable tray, you can easily organize all cables and set up your cable-free desk.

  • New C Type Frames

    New C Type Frames

    The traditional C-leg design reduces the stability of the standing desk, while the T-leg frame affects the leg space when the desk height is low. Vernal was designed through extensive testing so that the frame is fixed in the perfect position to both increase leg space and not affect stability.

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Sturdy Qualify for Long-term Using

  • 30000+ Lift Tests

  • High-grade Steel, Sturdy and Durable

  • 15 Years Warranty

Safety Guarantee

  • The rounded corners of the desktop can avoid collision damage. The 1" thick desktop provides strong support and can prevent sinking even under heavy load.

  • If the desk encounters a rigid obstacle, it stops, moves back a small distance in the opposite direction and then stops.

  • Sustainable

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Energy Saving

All desktops are FSC certified. The chipboards are made from recycled wood waste, so no tree is wasted.

The packaging is made from environmentally friendly pearl cotton, which contains no foam and can be recycled.

The frame is equipped with a practical, energy-saving and efficient motor. The handset automatically switches off its control after a few seconds when not in use to save electricity.

Corporate clients, associations and public institutions rely on Vernal