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    - Cable grommets with zipper: 4
    - Reusable cable ties: 100
    - Self-adhesive, cuttable cable management tapes: 2 rolls
    - Self-adhesive silicone
    -cable clips: 2 with 5 holes; 4 medium; 4 small
    - Self-adhesive, cuttable cable management tapes: 10


    - Cable bag with zipper: 49.2*5cm
    - Reusable cable ties: 19.7cm (long)
    - Self-adhesive cutable cable ties: 15*1,3cm
    - Silicone self-adhesive clips for cable organization:
    - Five holes: 6.3*2.7*1.1cm
    - Three holes: 3,5*1,7cm
    - Two holes: 3,5*1,3cm (large) 2,8*1,8cm
    - Single hole: 2,8*1,6cm


    - All products you buy on our website, except desks and ergonomic chairs, are guaranteed for 1 year.
    - Testing within 30 days after purchase

    • Why do you need a height-adjustable desk?

    1/ Stay healthy: Alternating between standing and sitting while working can help avoid health limitations such as back and neck pain caused by prolonged sitting, resulting in healthy, comfortable and efficient work.

    2/ Stand at the right height: Upper arms and forearms can always be kept in a 90-degree position.

    3/ Sitting at the right height: Upper and lower legs can always be kept in a 90-degree position.

    • Why Vernal?

    1/ Extreme stability: even in the highest position, the desk does not wobble during competitive games.

    2/ Outstanding performance: 62-127cm height range, 160kg load capacity, 40mm/s lifting speed, 4 memory positions.

    3/ Safety in use: rounded corners of the desk top and anti-collision, bounce back after impact.

    4/ Quick assembly: 60s assembly from the frame. Tops with prefabricated nuts may be assembled with the frame without power tools.

    5/ Products worth buying: High quality, high performance equipment, top value for money, free and practical accessories.

    6/ Sustainable and environmentally friendly: FCS-certified desk tops, energy-saving motor. The packaging is made of environmentally friendly materials (no foam).

    The reason for the extreme stability of the Vernal height-adjustable standing desk

    • More Stable Construction

      More Stable Construction

      The columns of the frame taper towards the top. This design allows for a more secure connection between the columns and the feet. Even in the highest position, the desk does not wobble.

    • Stronger Feet

      Stronger Feet

      The entire frame weighs 30 kg and the individual foot weighs 3.2 kg, whose weight increases by 45 % compared to conventional feet, eliminating the main cause of desk instability.

    • More Stable Column

      More Stable Column

      Conventional desks use columns with a size of 80 x 50 mm and a tube thickness of 1.5 mm, whereas Vernals measure 90 mm x 60 mm and have a tube size of 2.0 mm. The support surface is thus 35 % larger and the tube is 20 % thicker. This further improves the stability of the desk.


    • Smaller Column Gap

      Smaller Column Gap

      Besides the structural improvements, the stability is also due to their precision machining technique. The column gap is less than 0.05 mm. The three-tiered columns slide seamlessly into each other, preventing any wobbling.

    • Powerful two motors

      Powerful two motors

      Thanks to two integrated motors, the desk has a load capacity of up to 160 kg and can carry a lot of equipment. The frame with excellent comprehensive performance can easily meet your daily office needs.

    Outstanding performance of the Vernal height-adjustable standing desk

    • 62-127cm Height Adjustable

      Normally, the optimum desk height when sitting is your height x 0.4 and when standing is your height x 0.62. Height adjustable standing desk with 2 tiered columns is only suitable for the height of 1.75-1.95m. Vernal desks fit people with a height of 1.55-2.05 m.

    • 160kg Large Load Capacity

      Extra large load capacity supports the placement of multiple devices. This desk can hold 3 monitors, 2 computers and a range of traditional office equipment. You never know what additional equipment will appear on your desk in the future. This carrying capacity is worth the investment.

    • Extendable Frame

      The extendable frame can accommodate desk tops with a length from 100 to 180 cm and is able to meet the requirements of different desk tops. If you want a larger or smaller desk top in the future, simply purchase your desired desk top.

    • Flexible Setting and Quick Response

      4 height memory locations, 40 mm/s lifting speed, save your usage habits.

    Safety Guarantee of the Vernal Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

    • The rounded corners of the desk top can prevent collision damage.

    • If the desk encounters a rigid obstacle, it stops, moves back a small distance in the opposite direction and then stops.

    It only takes 60 seconds to assemble the frame
    In the first 20s, align the crossbar with the hole in the side wing and insert it firmly. In the next 20s, place the column in the centre of the crossbar, push the fixing rod and insert the R-pin. In the last 20s, fix the feet to the columns with screws. With the assembly instructions or the assembly video, the assembly of the frame is done in 60 seconds!

    How we compare

    Low-End Products High-End Products VERNAL
    Overview Poor quality, only basic function, violent wobbling Rich functions expensive, slight wobble Outstanding performance, rich features, extreme stability
    Height Range 70-120 cm
    For height 1.75-1.95m
    62-127 cm
    For height 1.55-2.05m
    62-127 cm
    For height 1.55-2.05m
    Load Capacity under 80 kg 100 kg-150 kg 160 kg
    Lifting Speed 20-25 mm/s 38 mm/s 40 mm/s
    Handset Function No memory function No collision protection With memory function and collision protection
    4 Memory locations Adjustable sensitivity from collision protection Digital touch screen
    Digitaler Touchscreen
    Service Life Less than 3 years 5-10 years 15 years
    Price for the Frame $200-400 ‎ $600+ ‎ $399

    • Sustainable

    • Environmentally Friendly

    • Energy Saving

    All desk tops are FSC certified. The chipboards are made from recycled wood waste, so no tree is wasted.

    The packaging is made of environmentally friendly pearl cotton, which contains no foam and can be recycled.

    The frame is equipped with a practical, energy-saving and efficient motor. The keypad automatically switches off its control element after a few seconds when not in use to save electricity.

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