Integrated Drawer Keyboard Tray

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Color: Walnut
Size: 24.4''(62cm)
fixed position
Extreme Stability
Quick Assembly
15 Years Warranty
30 Days Return
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Office durch Vernal


An integrated drawer keyboard tray, equipped with storage capabilities, is designed to hold the keyboard, positioning the arm at an ergonomic angle and height. It simplifies the workspace, keeping it clutter-free and allowing for more efficient completion of daily tasks.

Size & Desktop applicable conditions

24.4'': 24.4'' x 12.9'' x 3'' (62cm: 62cm x 33cm x 7.75cm)
27.5'': 27.5'' x 12.9'' x 3'' (70cm: 70cm x 33cm x 7.75cm)

Desktops suitable for 24.4''(62cm)(only for standard type):
48" x 27.5"

Desktop size suitable for 27.5''(70cm) (including standard & L-shaped):
60" x 27.5"
72" x 60"(3 boards desktop left)
72" x 60"(3 boards desktop Right)

Note: The size of the longest side of the table will affect the installation of this accessory, regardless of the depth.

Warranty & Returns

- 1 year warranty on desk accessories

- We accept returns for accessories within 30 days from the ship date, provided they are in perfect condition (not used) and in their original packaging or equivalent

  • Tidy Desk, Free Your Mind

    Tidy Desk, Free Your Mind

    Unclutter your workspace and embrace the power of organization with the built-in drawer. Elevate productivity with everything at your fingertips.

  • Flip-Up to Keyboard Tray

    Flip-Up to Keyboard Tray

    Easily transform the storage drawer into a keyboard tray with a simple flip. Maximize your workspace with seamless convenience.

  • Free Desk Mat Included!

    Free Desk Mat Included!

    We care about your comfort as much as we care about your productivity. We include a premium mat, providing exceptional wrist support and comfort during extended work sessions.

  • Hassle-Free Installation

    Hassle-Free Installation

    The Drawer Keyboard Tray is equipped with pre-embedded nuts, streamlining the installation process. Effortlessly attach the tray to your desk, and you're ready to take advantage of its full potential in no time.

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