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A desk extender is a supplementary surface attached to the edge of a desk, providing additional workspace. It aids in optimizing ergonomic positioning, often supporting the arms or accommodating extra equipment, thus enhancing comfort and efficiency during work.

Size & Desktop applicable conditions

11.8" x 27.5" x 0.98" (30cm x 70cm x 2.5cm)

Desk dimensions suitable for the extension board(including standard & L-shaped):
40" x 27.5"
48" x 27.5"
60" x 27.5"
60" x 60" (2 boards desktop) (27.5" short sides)
72" x 60"(2 boards desktop)

Desk sizes that the extension board is NOT suitable for(including standard & L-shaped):
40" x 30"
48" x 30"
60" x 30"
60" x 60"(3 boards desktop)
72" x 60"(3 boards desktop left)
72" x 60"(3 boards desktop Right)


1. The current accessory can only be used with desktops with side lengths of 27.5" (70cm)

2. You have to drill the holes yourself to mount this accessory onto the tabletop

Warranty & Returns

- 1 year warranty on desk accessories

- We accept returns for accessories within 30 days from the ship date, provided they are in perfect condition (not used) and in their original packaging or equivalent

Assembly Instructions

- Vernal Desk Extender Assembly Instruction

You have to drill the holes yourself to mount this accessory onto the tabletop

  • Load Up to 50kg, Amplify Your Workspace

    Load Up to 50kg, Amplify Your Workspace

    Unlock the potential of your desk with the Desk Extension Board. Instantly add valuable real estate to your workspace, offering you more room to spread out and organize your essentials.

  • Swift Installation

    Swift Installation

    Designed for simplicity, it features pre-designed slots that allow for quick and tool-free installation. Just slide it into place, and you're ready to expand your workspace instantly.

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