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Dual Monitorarm Dual Monitorarm; höhenverstellbarer schreibtisch Dual Monitorarm Dual Monitorarm
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The Vernal monitor stand is not a cheap product, but has a 11.4 lbs precision steel core so that the stand with the mounted monitor stays in place even when the table is raised to its highest point. Every detail of the monitor stand shows the designer's intention to make the stand flexible to meet the user's ever-changing needs, rather than forcing the user to conform to the stand.


- Vesa Mounting:2.9″x2.9″/ 3.9″x3.9″
- Weight capacity: 2.2~19.8 lbs
- Screen size: 13″-32″
- Weight of stand: 11.4 lbs
- Vertical movement range: 6.2″-19.6″
- Tilt range of display: +90°~-90°
- Monitor rotation range (screen rotation): +180°~-180°
- Rotation range of monitor left/right: +90°~-90°
- Rotation range of axis left/right: 360°
- Axis base rotation range left/right: 270°
- Maximum extension length: 22″
- Distance between the two arms: 39.3″
- Applicable table thickness: 0.4″-3.3″


- Color: Black
- Systems: Gas spring
-assisted mechanism
- Material: Plastic shell + steel core
- Mounting method: C-clamps or grommet holders
1. when you open the product for the first time, be careful when the stand pops up.
2. hold the monitor with your hand when you adjust the attention during installation, so that it will not fall down.


- All products you purchase from our website, except desks and ergonomic chairs, are guaranteed for 1 year.
- Testing within 30 days after purchase

Multifunctional Adjustable Stand for Two Monitors

  • Support for up and down adjustment

    Support for up and down adjustment

    With a vertical range of motion of 6.3″-19.6″, the monitor stand is perfect for keeping the monitor at eye level whether you are standing or sitting at work, avoiding the health problems of a forward bent neck and back.

  • Support for front and rear adjustment

    Support for front and rear adjustment

    The ideal distance between your eyes and the monitor is 19.6″-27.5″. Too little or too much distance can cause eye strain. Vernal's monitor stand has a maximum extension length of 22″, so the stand can be extended forward and backward regardless of the depth of the desk, allowing you to work efficiently and reduce eye strain.

  • Angle adjustment support

    Angle adjustment support

    Vernal's stand adjusts to plus or minus 90 degrees, so you can find the most comfortable position for your office.

  • Two mounting optionslere design

    Two mounting optionslere design

    The two types of Vernal brackets allow mounting anywhere on the table: grommet brackets for tables with cable holes and C-clamps for mounting on any edge of a normal table.tte and a large base allows the column to be attached to the base to create a stronger connection and support the table without wobbling.

  • Support for monitor rotation

    Support for monitor rotation

    With a maximum length of 39.3″ between the two arm supports, the Vernal not only supports horizontal monitor placement, but also 180 degree rotation, making web browsing and article reading even more comfortable.

  • Double Efficiency

  • Sturdy and Stable

  • Cable Management

  • Save Space

In the modern home office where it is common to work with multiple monitors, a double arm stand can help you work more efficiently. With a load capacity of 19.8 lbs each, the double arm stand can easily support two 32" monitors without wobbling, allowing you to work efficiently.

The stand is made of high-strength steel, and the gas spring tension adjustment allows you to move the monitor and manually adjust the stand to ensure its stability and durability.
1. Make sure the stand does not pop out when you first open the product.
2. When adjusting the tension during installation, hold the monitor with your hand to prevent it from falling down.

The cable management tube integrated into the stand provides effective storage for monitor cables and prevents the desk from becoming cluttered when moving the monitor.

Using the stand not only frees up more desk space, it also gives you the flexibility to move the monitor. And it keeps the monitor close to the wall, so there are no gaps between the desk and the wall.

Corporate clients, associations and public institutions rely on Vernal