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Ergonomic Chair Y-Series

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The Y-series chair combines ergonomic adjustments with a sleek design from Denmark. The armrests, seat height, seat depth and tilt help you maintain optimal posture. The high-density mesh backs provide warmth so you can concentrate on the task at hand.


- Seat Height Range: 16.9-21.4"
- Total Height Range: 46.8-51"
- Seat Depth Range: 18.8-20.8"
- Base Diameter: 27.5"
- Armrest Width: 24.8-26.7"


- Backrest: HDI mesh 60.9% polyester + 39.1% elastane (California 117 flame retardant test)
- Cushion: 100% polyester, very high quality nylon (anti-pilling, anti-scuffing and anti-color loss according to EN ISO)

Assembly Instructions

Design Inspiration

Designed by a Danish artist, the Y-Series ergonomic chair boasts a unique back support structure that enhances the stereoscopic feeling and fashion. It draws inspiration from modern art and architecture, with its clean lines and dynamic shape. The multi-line drawing adds depth and dimension, creating a three-dimensional effect that is both sophisticated and stylish.

[Design Patent No. 28148728.29591785]

Custom-Fit Comfort - 12 Adjustable Ergonomic Elements

  • 3D Headrest

    3D Headrest

    1.57" height adjustable, 0.98" front and rear adjustable, can be dynamically rotated 50 degrees to support the head and neck in different positions.

  • 4D Armrests

    4D Armrests

    2.3" Height adjustable, 1.9" front to back and 0.9" left to right sliding, -15 degrees to +15 degrees internal and external rotation. With powerful height, horizontal, and angle adjustment.

  • Lumbar Support

    Lumbar Support

    A lumbar supports removable with 1.7" height adjustment give your waist all-around support.

  • Silk-Smooth Tilt

    Silk-Smooth Tilt

    Synchronised mechanism connects the backrest and seat to tilt together, 25-degree backward tilt with 4 lockable positions and adjustable tilt tension.

    Please note: This product is recommended for users weighing over 50kg to ensure proper tilt tension adjustment.
  • Height and Depth Adjustable

    Height and Depth Adjustable

    4.5" height adjustment, 2" seat depth adjustment, fits every body shape. Maintain an ergonomic and comfortable sitting posture.

High performance materials for durability and safety

  • All-Round Comfort

  • Support 275 lbs

  • Durable Design

  • High-performance Materials

The high-density cushion provides even weight distribution and reduces pressure points, ensuring all-around comfort that helps combat the fatigue caused by sitting for long periods.

The perfect blend of comfort and support, supporting 275 lbs

Experience long-lasting comfort with our durable design featuring high-density sponges that maintain their shape over time.

The cushion is made of premium nylon that passes rigorous safety and durability tests, including the Cal TB117-2013 and the EN ISO anti-pilling, anti-friction, and anti-color loss tests.

Incredible Back Support with Breathable Mesh Backrest

  • Dynamic Back Support

  • Breathable

  • Certified Safety

Experience unmatched comfort and durability with our dual-layer high density stretch silk mesh backrest. Expertly engineered for dynamic back support.

Stay cool and comfortable with breathable woven mesh back that conforms to your body. Enjoy freshness with continuous air flow.

Our high-density stretch silk mesh backrest Has Passed the Stringent TB 117-2013 Test.

What Makes Us Stand Out

Low-End Products High-End Products VERNAL
Adjustment Points Only one adjustable element 5-8 adjustable elements 12 fully adjustable elements
Synchronous Mechanism Asynchronous tilt Synchronous inclination Synchronous inclination
Mesh Carrier Material Low quality mesh back High quality mesh back High-quality, breathable mesh backrest
Cushion Material Low density sponges High density sponges High density sponges
Price < $200 $600+ ‎ $279

  • Vernal Ergonomic Chair Will Take Away Your Pain

Vernal ergonomic chair is designed fully adjustable. The Helps you improve your posture and reduce back pain and neck tension. Increases your energy level and makes you more productive.

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